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How to Find a Reliable Water Purifier Manufacturer in China?

China is known as the ‘ factory of the world.’ Because almost all the goods are supplied to the world by the manufacturers of China, China has a wide range of water purifier factories. But finding a reliable and good water purifier manufacturer is quite a difficult task. Before starting a business, you need to find a trusted water purifier manufacturer. After all, manufacturers are the people you are handling your money and trust with your business. Internet is filled with plenty of people claiming that their products are reliable with good quality and reasonable prices. But how do you know whether these claims are valid or not? This guide will help you in finding a reliable water purifier manufacturer.

Where to Find Water Purifier Manufacturers?

The risk of getting stuck with inadequate quality shipments or finding a dishonest Chinese supplier is reasonably high. Whenever you delve into an online supplier directly, online marketplace, or a wholesale market, you should watch out for the swindler. Here are some of the ways to find a good manufacturer for your business.

Trade shows

Trade shows, also known as trade fairs, are exhibitions where manufacturers and trading companies exhibit their products and services to find new customers. Canton fair is china’s largest trade show which is held twice a year. This fair covers almost every product, and it is held in three phases.

Phase: 1 Machinery, electronics, building materials, and chemical products

Phase: 2 Daily life consumer goods, home décor, and gifts.

Phase: 3 Medical devices, health care products, shoes, office supplies, and textiles.

You can attend this fair without any ticket and look for a water purifier manufacturer. It would help if you were looking for the following things at this fair.

  • Suppliers bring samples with themselves so you can see and inspect the water purifier to get an idea.
  • The sales representatives can speak only speak primary business English. Some may hire part-timers to do the work. So you can only learn about MOQs and product details.
  • You can hire an interpreter at the fair according to your convenience. Basic service charges are 60-70$, but costs may vary for minority languages.
  • Low-price and poor quality go hand in hand. If you want a good quality water purifier, you have to pay more than the advertised price.
  • Exchange business cards with the suppliers you are interested in for future contact.

Canton fairs are enormous, so check the list of water purifier suppliers and their location beforehand. It will help you in saving time and energy.

B2B marketplaces

B2B marketplaces refer to the online search engines where you can look for Chinese suppliers. Ali Express, Alibaba, made in China, and global sources are popular websites to find manufacturers in China. But as always, you have to be cautious of swindlers to avoid getting scammed at these B2B marketplaces.

Finding a manufacturer on these websites is relatively easy. You have to put ‘water purifier’ in the search engine, and you will get the list of all reliable manufacturers with high ratings. You can easily filter the suppliers depending upon the reviews and contact them when you want.

Alibaba develops Ali express for a slightly different market. It isn’t easy to find water purifier manufacturers at Ali express. But still, with some effort, you can find a manufacturer. Ali express is suitable for smaller orders. If your capital is low, you can place smaller orders at Ali express, which is impossible with other websites.

Sourcing agents

China sourcing agent is perfect when you need water purifiers manufactured with exact technical specifications. An agent in China may visit the manufacturer’s factory and check the quality measures there. They can inspect the raw material before production starts. Having an agent in China will help you throughout the process, and you get comprehensive support from them. A sourcing agent will ensure that the manufacturer is on the same page as you.


It is the most common and easily accessible way to find and approach a Chinese seller. Beginners often look for the manufacturers on Google, as Google has a wide range of supplier directories. You can check the ratings and reviews on each manufacturer and contact them directly through their contact number available on the site. Most of the manufacturer’s websites are in English, so you don’t have to face the language problem. You can enter the keyword ‘water purifier manufacturer .’ The result will show several manufacturers in the desired industry.


Baidu is a search engine which Chinese widely use. It is like a ‘Google of china.’ It is easier to find a trusted water purifier manufacturer on Baidu as it will limit the list of water purifier manufacturers to China. You can find details of corporate and versatile information like whether they are involved in legal disputes etc.

Your social network

Another helpful resource for finding a trusted water purifier manufacturer is people around you, overseas relatives, friends, or people in the same industry. You can contact other water purifiers companies or trade companies on their business contact number to get information. Your business circle may be able to connect you with trustworthy water purifier suppliers.

Make a Shortlist of Chinese Water Purifier Manufacturers

You should make a list of all water purifier manufacturers you have found. Initially, there will be several potential suppliers, which will all seem perfect for your business. But you have to shorten that list. You can do that by contacting each manufacturer and ask relevant questions. Following are some essential queries you need to sort out:

  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is the minimum amount of water purifiers you need to purchase to work with them.
  • Water purifier quality It is crucial to verify the quality of the water purifier. You have to filter out manufacturers who don’t have good quality products.
  • Payment options the requirements of each manufacturer vary. The most common payment options are PayPal, western union, money gram, etc. Choose the manufacturer who is compatible with you.
  • Filter the manufacturers based upon the actual manufacturer or trading company.
  • Price per unit communicates with the manufacturer about one purifier’s price and asks for a discount for bulk purchases.

How to Communicate with the Chinese Water Purifier Manufacturer?

Now you know your manufacturer, you have to communicate with them about the water purifier and business contract in detail. Communication with Chinese manufacturers can be difficult sometimes, but here are few tips for successful communication.

  • The email you can use email to send them your queries but make email short and straightforward. Try to use the simple one subject matter in a single email to avoid confusion. Make quick points and highlight the essential ones. They will most probably put your email right into a translator so avoid any grammar and spelling errors.
  • Use of graphics; try to use pictures where possible. For example, if you want some particular technical specialties in your water purifier, make sure you attach an image or video of it. This will make it easier for the manufacturer to understand your demands.
  • Use WeChat WeChat is a common app among the Chinese for communication and social networking. If email or phone is not working, try to use WeChat. This app has a built-in translation system, so you don’t have to worry about language problems. It will make communication a lot easier.
  • Think about the cultural differences culture is essential for Chinese people. You should build a personal relationship with your manufacturer along with a business relationship. It will help in better understanding and suitable trading. If any problem arises, try to solve it with the person you contact and don’t reach the superior authorities immediately. Call the person by their title and last name to show respect.
  • Keep in mind the time difference; you have to think about the time lapse between China and your country before contacting the manufacturer. Make sure to send your queries during the working houses of Chinese people.

Top Water Purifier Manufacturing Companies in China

China has several water purifier manufacturers, but not all of them ensure good quality and the latest technologies. Here we shortlisted some of the reliable manufacturers for you:

  • Huizhou City Feilite Purifier Equipment Co., Ltd: This company offers industry-leading services and expertise. It is also considered one of the world’s best water purifier manufacturers.
  • Tianjin Yunda Industry and Trade Co., Ltd
  • Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Equipment Co .,Ltd.,
  • InnoTech Instrumentation Co. Ltd


Your water purifier supplier is your business partner. So choose carefully. Do complete research on the manufacturer. Make sure the company is not involved in any legal disputes. You should select a company which has a good reputation. There may be initial misunderstandings in your relationship, but you will eventually build a relationship of trust with a good manufacturer. It would be best if you looked for a sourcing agent when you are facing communication difficulties. It’s easier to overcome language and culture barriers with the help of a sourcing agent. Make

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