Air Purifier Manufacturer in China

How to Find a Reliable Air Purifier Manufacturer in China?

China has several manufacturers who can provide air purifiers at a relatively low cost. But finding a reliable air purifier manufacturer in China is a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner. China has such a vast market for air purifiers. But you want someone whose products are up to the quality standards and fulfill the demands of the latest technologies. Finding such a manufacturer is not easy, but this guide will help you find a trustworthy manufacturer.

Why Find Air Purifier Manufacturers in China?

China has the world’s most refined air purifiers, which are available at a fairly reasonable price. It is known as the ‘world’s factory with 28.7% of the global manufacturing. There are many reasons why one should import air purifiers from Chinese manufacturers. Here are few reasons:

  1. The production cost and cost per item are lower than the ones you find domestically. That means you can earn more profit.
  2. All the materials required for the manufacturing of air purifiers are easily accessible.
  3. China has excellent infrastructure and workforce and thus provides you with your order in a shorter time.
  4. There are numerous manufacturers available in China, so find the manufacturer according to your needs.
  5. Air purifiers are refined and equipped with the latest technologies.

Where to find Air Purifier Manufacturers in China?

China has several air purifier manufacturers, but it isn’t easy to filter thousands of manufacturers to find a reliable one. The risk of getting stuck with dishonest Chinese suppliers or inadequate quality shipment is reasonably high. After delving into the Chinese market, you should look out for swindlers. Here we will discuss some platforms from which you can find and contact a manufacturer.

Online free wholesale marketplace

B2B marketplaces are the easiest way to find a trustworthy manufacturer. Many sites are available for this purpose, but the most popular ones are Alibaba, Ali express, made in China, global sources, and Dhgate.

These sites feature several Chinese manufacturers, and along with the air purifiers, you can also find the capability of each manufacturer. If you dig more, you will find information about their business licenses, addresses, or contact number. Platforms on the B2B market divide the manufacturers into different categories like ‘gold supplier,’ ‘verified,’ ‘manufacturer,’ or ‘trading company.’ That will make it easier for you to find a good manufacturer and supplier.

Alibaba developed Ali express for a slightly different market. There are manufacturers on Ali express, but their numbers are relatively low. The minimum order limit for any product is also lesser than other sites. If your capital is little, you can initially look for manufacturers at Ali express.

The Canton fair

The Canton fair is china’s largest fair, where an export /import convention is held twice a year. Every industry of China make an appearance there and physically display their products. You can look for an air purifier there. The Canton Fair is so huge that it takes place in three days :

  1. Day 1: Exhibition of Electronics, machinery, building materials, and chemical products occur on this day.
  2. Day 2: Daily life consumer products, home décor, and gifts are displayed on the second day.
  3. Day 3: Textiles, recreational products, office supplies, shoes, medical equipment, and health care products all are categorized to display on the 3rd day.

The entry to this fair is free, so you can quickly, but you should enter after complete preparation. Here’s the highlight of this fair

  1. The sales representatives can speak the basic business language but are not very fluent in English. The company may hire someone as a representative due to his good English, and he may not be an honest worker of that company. In such cases, you will only learn about MOQs and some basic details about air purifiers.
  2. If you face language problems, you can hire an interpreter there with fare or 60-75$ per day. These service charges may vary for minority languages.
  3. Air purifiers suppliers will have the air purifier samples so you can inspect the product thoroughly.
  4. You may have to pay an extra sum of money than the advertised price to get a good quality cleaner. Because you already know low prices and poor quality go hand in hand. If your capital is high, you have to look for the best quality air purifiers
  5. After speaking with the suppliers, exchange your business cards for future contact.

The website of the Canton fair has a list of all attendees and their booth location. Make sure to check that list before going to the fair to avoid inconveniences.

Hire a representative

Hiring a sourcing agent as your representative is another way to find a reliable air purifier manufacturer. A representative in China is someone who knows how the Chinese system works. When you hire a sourcing agent, he will visit the manufacturer on your accord and check the quality of materials. He will also ensure that the air purifier is manufacturing according to the latest technology. Having an agent in China helps you get comprehensive support throughout the production source. Having a sourcing agent is beneficial in developing a relationship of trust with your business partner. Having a business representative in China will prevent your visit to China.

Search engines

Search engines are the platforms where you can insert a keyword in a search bar and instantly get the result. Following are some search engines that will help you find a supplier.


Google search engine is the easiest way to find a Chinese supplier. Chinese suppliers have their official websites on Google or pages on social media. You have to enter the keywords’ air purifiers Chinese manufacturers’, and Google will show you all the companies in relative field. Google offers ratings and reviews on each manufacturer, making it easier for you to decide which one to choose. Moreover, these websites are in English, making them easier to understand. If you find a manufacturer genuine, you can find their contact information from the site. Contact the manufacturer, ask relevant questions, and make a quick visit to China to visit the factory.


Baidu is another search engine just like Google, but Chinese people use it. Baidu also has a translation tool to help you with the language. You can find manufacturers and all the details on their company in Baidu.


It is another search engine, mainly popular in China. Finding a supplier here will be a bit easier than the Google.


Sogou is another platform and holds a market share of 14.71 per cent. It works just like the previous platforms, but it may not have many manufacturers.

Your industry network

People who are in the same industry as you can help you in finding a reliable air purifier manufacturer. Contact your various business contacts and ask for recommendations.

How to Make a Shortlist of  Chinese Air Purifier Manufacturers?

After browsing through different search engines, you will have a long list of manufacturers who seem promising. But now you have to shorten that list. Here are few tips to help you shorten the list further.

  1. Minimum order limit: The minimum order requirement varies for each manufacturer. It is the minimum amount of air purifiers you must order to work with them. You can filter some manufacturers depending upon it.
  2. Quality of air purifier: It’s a pretty vital point to consider before choosing a manufacturer. Some manufacturers may supply air purifiers at a low price, but their product quality may be lacking.
  3. Payment options: PayPal, western union, money gram are popular payment options manufacturers use. Choose the manufacturer whose payment method is suitable for you.
  4. Manufacturer or trading company: filter the companies based upon this point because a trading company may not have air purifiers up to the standard quality.
  5. Price of a single unit: Every manufacturer has a different cost of one unit. Communicate with the supplier for the price and ask if you can get a discount for bulk purchases.

How to Communicate with the Chinese Air Purifier Manufacturer?

Communication with a Chinese manufacturer may be a difficult task due to the language barrier. Here are some essential tips for making communication easy and effective.

  1. Keep the email short: Try to use a single topic in each mail and keep that topic simple. Avoid any spelling or grammar errors as it is likely they will put your email into a translator.
  2. Use of pictures and video: Try to use images or videos where possible. If you have to demand particular technical specialities, make sure to clear your point by using pictures and videos.
  3. Use WeChat: WeChat is the app that Chinese people commonly use for communication. If you are facing trouble with your phone or email, get on WeChat. WeChat has a built-in translation tool, which means you both will talk in your native languages, and the app will translate your responses.
  4. Think about the time difference: Your country’s time may vary from china’s local time. Keep this point in mind. Contact the manufacturer during their working hours.

Top Air Purifier Manufacturers in China

China has many air purifier manufacturers, many are good, but there are also some dishonest ones. Here are some easy to approach reliable manufacturers of air purifiers:

  1. Huizhou City Feilite Purifier Equipment Co., Ltd: this company is an expert in manufacturing and exporting air purifiers and ozone generators.
  2. Guangdong Invitop Technology Co. Ltd: This company produces environment-friendly products such as air purifiers, dehumidifiers, etc.
  3. Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd: they are professional manufacturers of air purifiers and trustworthy in this field.


You can find a good manufacturer in China with some research. Build a long-term and good relationship with your manufacturer. This will help you in the future. Hire a sourcing agent if visiting China is troublesome for you. Having a sourcing agent in China is beneficial in many regards.


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