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How to Start Air Purifier Business?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, poor indoor air quality is a serious issue around the globe. As compared to outdoor air, the concentration of pollutants in indoor air can be as high as 10-100 times, which means it can directly affect the health and well-being of inhabitants. However, to avoid short-term and long-term indoor health concerns, it is essential to control the indoor air quality by eliminating the potential pollutants. This is where an Air Purifier comes in; it can really improve your indoor life.

In these times, when pollution is so prevalent in the world, it is essential to have air purifiers spread throughout your home. Air Purifier is a device stuffed with high-quality filters and absorbents that efficiently free the air from contaminants. Allergic and Asthmatic patients will find it helpful because it removes allergens and ensures that you breathe clean air. An air purifier can easily remove dust, pollens, smoke, etc., when it comes to eliminating gases, its ability is limited.

The demand for air purifiers is increasing and will eventually rise further in the near future. So, for anyone looking to start a new business, the air purifier business is the best to invest in. The article will tell you about everything you need to know before beginning an air purifier business.

Why should Start an Air Purifier Business?

With increasing air pollution, airborne diseases are becoming more common all over the world.

According to European Environmental Agency, Europe has witnessed a surge in airborne diseases such as asthma, cancer, and many other conditions. Fall in air quality index, increased interaction of people to air contaminants, and awareness of health issues originating from low-quality air have pushed the public to adopt the air purifiers.

There has been an inclination of the residential population towards power-efficient air purifiers, which led to the expansion of residential air purifier demand. New HEPA technology in residential air purifiers wipes out air pollutants and dust from home; that’s why the residential sale of air purifiers is increasing.

The global air purifier market will presumably show a healthy growth indicated by a CAGR of 9.43% from 2018 – 2023. During these five years, the Air Purifiers Market is expected to grow exponentially because governments in many countries are intensifying their laws regarding air pollution. In addition to this, rising requests for particular kinds of air purifiers like vehicle-mounted and portable air purifiers have been foreseen to stimulate storms in the sales of air purifiers in the near future.

North America, Oceania, China, India, and Europe are the top Air Purifier markets. So, if you are living in one of these regions, you should definitely start an air purifier business.

Know your Customers

The air purifier business is driven by industrialization, urbanization, elevated air pollution, and awareness among people regarding the health impacts of such pollution. There are so many buyers you can target to sell your air purifiers. It is good to narrow down the market you want to deal in, become a well-known seller, and expand your business further.

You can target the customers who need an air purifier for their homes or offices due to allergies or other reasons. Furthermore, you can also sell your product to the recently settled people in their new home that might contain harmful chemicals or dust due to construction. The population living around industrial areas experience inferior air quality, so they can prove to be big buyers of air purifiers. Another potential buyer of your air purifiers is the industries such as pharmaceutical industries that conduct their operations in strictly sterilized and contaminants-free environments.

To make a mark, you must know the likes and dislikes of customers and deliver the best possible product to them. Build a good relationship with every buyer to make him your permanent customer. Keep track of every customer to augment your sales, remind them when to change the air purifier’s filters, and make it easy for them to order a new filter. Try to attract more customers by offering discounts and deals regularly.

Where do you get your air purifier?

In terms of making your products available to the market, you should get the products first. There are two ways to get the product: either manufacture it or buy it from the manufacturer.

Manufacturing air purifiers are not as easy as it seems. You have to build your plant to start manufacturing. It requires a lot of money and experience in the market. You have to get consultancy in factory management for this type of business to work. If you have money and a good business and marketing plan, you can develop your air purifiers. But this requires complete research and analysis on how the market works and the interests of people.

After you have established your factory of air purifiers, you will launch them to the market through different companies. Now you have become the supplier of air purifiers. You have to develop large quantities of air purifiers and distribute them to various wholesalers or retailers who will further sell them to your target customers. Although it may seem a simple and easy task to be done, it needs extensive analysis on the marketing and a great deal of research into what facilities are for sale and a bunch of other stuff.

Building your factory is a difficult task and requires a lot of knowledge and consultancy in the field. However, if you have experience and consultancy, you will be able to do it quickly. For getting knowledge, you can either learn about factory management and get consultancy or learn from the entrepreneurs who are already involved in this industry.

Owning a factory also comes with many risks and problems. You have to hire certified engineers to prepare a good model for your product and make the purifiers people like to purchase. You can face difficulties in meeting the ISO standards. There is a risk of employees going on strike demanding raise, industrial accidents, and many others. You have to face the problems of faulty machinery, delays, breaches, and quality issues. So, you must consider all the risks and learn to tackle them before starting any plant.

Cancelling the option of becoming manufacturers because of any reason, either money or simply you don’t want to engage yourself in the inconveniences of the manufacturing industry, you can always look into the second option.

In the second option, you will contact the entrepreneurs already involved in this industry and have manufacturing plants of air purifiers. You will purchase the purifiers from them and then sell them to the buyers. In this type of business, your role will be of the wholesaler or retailer. A lot of people in the world are engaged in this business chain. Now you have decided to do this business, you will look for the manufacturers of air purifiers and contact them. Before choosing any manufacturer, do your complete research on that company, qualities they have to offer, prices of the products, and varieties of the products available. Following are some manufacturers of air purifiers:

  • Austin Air systems
  • Blueair
  • Alen
  • Coway
  • Honeywell
  • Zhuhai Large Horse Co. Ltd
  • Dongguan Co. Ltd
  • Guangdong Invitop Technology Co. Ltd
  • Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd

You can approach these manufacturers through their official websites or contact information available online and place your order. All the companies have certain qualities and specific terms and conditions that you have to meet. For example, Olansi Healthcare only take orders in bulk. You have to look into all things that the manufacturer is offering and choose a cost-effective manufacturer for yourself.

Picking and designing your air purifiers

For picking the perfect manufacturer for your business, you have to do thorough research instead of choosing the first one you find. Look at the pros and cons of each manufacturer’s product, the qualities they have to offer, ask relevant questions, inquire about the price, and ask all these types of questions before choosing a supplier for your business.

You have to meet the demands of your target market before picking any product. You have to know which types of purifiers your customers want, the size of the purifiers which suit your buyers, and other things like that. Picking up the products after knowing the target market’s demands will help you grow your business. Many people like purifiers with esthetic designs and good function. So, focus on all of these things before picking the purifiers from the supplier.

Air Purifier business plan

The business plan can be very beneficial for the air purifier business. Basically, a business plan is a document that personnel write before starting a business. It encompasses every fundamental requirement of the business along with the budgets, risks and strengths.

The business plan is considered beneficial because it sets the tone of your business; it sets the fundamental requirements and objectives of a business. These are the primary factors that you should write in your air purifier business plan.


Description will define your business; in description, you will write about your business. Moreover, you will write about the products and their features along with the goals and objectives of the air purifier business.

Market Research

Many start-ups don’t perform market research because they think it’s useless. Well, there is a significantly higher chance of their failure. Market research is essential as it let us learn about our customers base and market trends. It also aids us in designing better products for different regions.

Operational and Financial Plan

Operational plan defines how the air purifier business will work, how every person will play his/her part for the better functionality of the business.

While a financial plan is pretty much self-explanatory, a financial plan covers the budget, profits, backup and profit forecast. It also gives us an idea about the cost and profit of the business.

Marketing Plan

In this section, we describe our marketing strategies, i.e. how will we market our products. There are various ways to market your products like web ads, ads on social media, TV, hoarding boards and many more.

Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats

Popularly known as SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunities, threats. You will analyse your strengths, like how you are better than your competitors and what makes you unique. Finding your weakness is essential because it helps you eliminate threats, which can be pretty costly for a start-up. Opportunities are available factors that can flourish your air purifier business. Lastly, threats are obstacles and hurdles that can harm your business.

All these factors will ensure smooth business flow, and you can also use it as a pitch in front of investors.

Medium of selling

This is an important point to consider before starting your brand. You can either sell your product online or offline.

Online platform:

You can make your website or become a seller at other websites like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. You can create your website yourself, but if you don’t have much knowledge about the technology, you can hire a web developer to do the job for you.

Many people use social media for their business. You can also use this platform initially to sell your product. It will also help you in growing your business and gaining more customers. After your business is established, you can launch your website and do digital marketing to secure a large audience. All these things will take some time, but after some time, you will get your reward.

Brick and mortar:

The other way for selling products is brick and mortar. You can rent your store or deal with a store owner to sell your product. This method will be slightly costlier as you have to pay for store rent, employee salaries, storage costs, and other expenses like that. But it has its advantages. Some People like to buy goods after physically inspecting them. Also, people who don’t trust online shopping always go for a physical shop.

This pretty much wraps all the aspects and ways to properly execute the plan for optimal sir purifier business growth. We hope this article will help you understand and initiate your air purifier business.

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